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Business Categories


- A -

A01 Administrative Office Space A02 Advertising or Marketing Service A03 Coupon Book Sales Licenses A04 Advertising Space Leasing or Selling A06 Amusement Park A07 Apartment House A14 Auto Broker A17 Armored Car Service A19 Rental Car Agency A20 Auctions & Auctioneers A23 Bookkeeper A24 Psychic Arts - Science A28 Automobile Leasing A29 Automobile Towing Service A32 Adult Book Store A33 Adult Nightclub Establishment A36 Arcade A40 Adult Day Care Facility A42 Special Event Medical Service A43 Non Medical Supervised Patient Transfer Service A44 Auto Sales-Limited A45 Automobile Detailing A46 Appraiser A47 Artist A48 Art Gallery-Retail A50 Affiliate Company Software Developer A55 Automotive Garage/Service Station (Minor) A60 Automotive Garage (Major) A65 Automotive Sales w/ Minor Repair

- B -

B01 Bail Bond Agency B03 Bank, Commercial Bank or Banking Corporation B04 Barber Shop B05 Cosmetological Establishment B07 Bowling Center B09 Commodity or Securities Broker or Dealer B13 Burglar Alarm Service B18 Bail Agent / Enforcement Agent B20 Business Support Service B21 Body Piercing B23 Banquet or Event Establishment B50 Building, Plant Nursery & Hardware Supplies

- C -

C02 Car Wash C05 Tobacco Dealer C08 Coin Amusement Machine C09 Convention Operator with Exhibitors C10 Collection Agency C13 Credit Reporting Agency C15 Convenience Store C18 Credit Union C19 Contract Labor Service C23 Check Cashing Service Limited C24 Corporate Administrative Office Space C25 Contractor C26 Commercial Rental and Leasing C30 Convention Hall Gaming Tax C40 Concrete Pumping C41 Construction Cleanup C55 Clinic or Laboratory

- D -

D06 Designer-Draftsman D11 Drug Store D17 Bankrupt, Damaged, or Assigned D19 Night Club D20 Commercial Dance Studio D50 Dry Cleaning/Laundry Facility & Services

- E -

E01 Employment Agency E03 Delivery Service E05 Escort Bureau E06 Escort and Escort Runner E07 Erotic Dance Establishment E10 Environmental Analysis

- F -

F02 Finance Company F03 Pistol Permit F05 Funeral Home & Cemetery F15 Farmers Market Promoter F16 Farmers Market Promoter 2nd Location F17 Non-farm Product Vendor F20 Fulfillment Center F50 Food Specialty Store

- G -

G01 Gaming Restricted G04 Operator Intrastate Interactive Gaming G05 Interactive Gaming Service Provider G06 Slot Operator G07 Gaming Nonrestricted Limited G08 Gaming/Nonrestricted G09 Small Game Room G50 General Retail Sales G55 General Services (Counter / Office) G60 Grocery/General Retail

- H -

H01 Hypnotherapy H02 Handbill and Oral Solicitation H04 Hospital H05 Hotel - 199 rooms or less H06 Resort Hotel - 200 rooms or more H08 Health and Fitness Club H11 Residence Hotel H12 Animal Drawn Vehicle H14 Residential Home Care Provider H15 Residence Hostel Single Room H16 Managed Health Care Organization H19 Health Maintenance Organization-Insurance Company

- I -

I03 Insurance Adjuster I07 Ice Cream Truck I09 Internet Entertainer I10 Adult Internet Sales I11 Internet Adult Entertainment I12 Interactive Entertainment Center I14 Insurance Agency I16 Internet Retailer I50 Instruction Services

- L -

L01 Beer Wine Room L02 Ancillary Brew Pub L06 Locksmith and Safe Mechanic L09 Beer Wine Cooler On Sale L10 Beer Wine Cooler Off Sale L11 Beer Wine Cooler On-Off Sale L12 Gift Shop Limited L13 Nonprofit Club General On-Sale L15 Package L16 Tavern L17 Wholesale General L18 Alcoholic Beverage Caterer L19 Restaurant Service Bar L20 Brew Pub/Tavern L21 Restaurant with Alcohol L23 Wine/beer/cordial/liqueur tasting L24 Alcoholic Beverage Caterer GFL L25 Ancillary Lounge Bar L26 Special Event Beer Wine L27 Special Event General L28 Banquet or Event Establish-Liquor L29 Beer/Wine/Cooler cultural event on-sale L30 Permanent Trade Show Facility L32 Convention Facility L33 Lawn & Landscape Maintenance L38 Tavern-Limited L40 Internet Alcohol Sales L41 Urban Lounge L42 General On-Sale L43 General On-Sale Beer/Wine L44 Instructional Wine Making Facility L45 Beer/Wine/Cooler Cinema L46 Liquor Manufacturer

- M -

M03 Massage Establishment M05 Manufacturing M08 Motel M11 Massage Establishment (Accessory) M12 Independent Massage Therapist M14 Membership Club M18 Management or Consulting Service M21 Merchandise Broker M22 Martial Arts Instruction Business M25 Mobile Food Vendor M27 Motor Transportation Service M28 Remote Motor Vehicle Rental M50 Manufacturing, Light Assembly and Fabrication M55 Manufacturing (Heavy)

- N -


- O -

O04 Outcall Entertainment Referral Service O07 Open Air Vending O08 Outdoor Sports Center and Activities Related

- P -

P02 Parking Lot P03 Permanent Make Up P04 Pawnbroker P06 Photography Business P08 Auto Pawnbroker P09 Billiard or Pool Hall P13 Public Bus Service P19 Professional Promoter P23 Outdoor Pay Phones P26 Party Planning Service P27 Personal Services P32 Parade Vendor P35 Outdoor Pay Phone per Location P50 Professional Services P55 Professional Services - Medical P60 Publishing & Newspapers

- Q -

Q01 Real Estate Firm Q03 Real Estate Salesperson Q05 Funeral/Cemetery Administrators

- R -

R02 Rooming House R03 Reflexology Establishment R09 Restaurant R10 Food Services or Cafe R11 Reflexology Practitioner R13 Real Estate Developer R15 Rental Referral Service R19 Riding Horse Rental R20 Recreational Vehicle Park R21 Radio Station R50 Rental & Leasing R55 Recycle Waste Haulers R60 Repair and Maintenance

- S -

S01 Short Term Residential Rental (PM) S02 School S03 Short Term Residential Rental (Owner) S04 Shooting Range S06 Sewer or Septic Drain Cleaning S08 Sales or Service Agent or Representative S09 Sign Painting Establishment S10 Skating Rink S13 Peddlers and Solicitors S14 Sporting Goods S19 Sales-Related Call Center S20 Secondhand Dealer Class 1-C S23 Secondhand Dealer Class 1-A S24 Secondhand Dealer Class 1-B S25 Secondhand Dealer Class II S26 Secondhand Dealer Class III S50 Special Care Facility

- T -

T01 Tailor and/or Dressmaker T02 Sightseeing Bus or Limousine T03 Theater T04 Mobile Home Park T05 Trailer or Mobile Home Sales T06 Transfer and Storage Company T07 Travel & Ticket Agency T08 Tattoo Establishment T09 Tree Trimmer T10 Inter-Jurisdictional Mobile Service Operation T12 Answering Message Service T16 Thrift Company T17 Title Insurance Company T19 Truck Rental Agency T20 Trust Company T21 Time Share Sales Agent T22 Time Share Project Broker T24 Temporary Merchant T25 Teenage Dance/Dancehall/Club T26 Temporary Event Operator T27 Television Broadcast Station T29 Topless Club With Alcohol T30 Tennis/Handball/Racquetball Court T31 Tour or Tour Guide T32 Time Share Representative T50 Tobacco Sales / Lounge T55 Transitional Living Facility

- U -

U05 Public Utility Telephone

- V -

V01 Valet Parking V06 Video Center

- W -

W01 Wedding Chapel W07 Warehouse or Storage W10 Wire Service W11 Mini Warehouse

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