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Checking the status of your building permit has never been easier. All you need to know is the plans check number to find out where the plan is, who's reviewing it and whether or not it has been approved. After Plan Check is completed, please allow up to five (5) working days for final review of documentation, pricing, and printing of permits. You will receive a call indicating that your permit is ready and giving you the exact amount due.

Please note: Only the most recent plans check cases (those filed within the last 60 days) are displayed and you must enter a specific plans check number to view a project’s status. Any plan that has been inactive for longer than 60 days will be labeled as "void." The information contained in the Plans Check Status information is updated Tuesday through Saturday between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Plans Check Number
When plans are submitted for review, the front counter plans technician issues a plans check number. The number consists of a letter, a dash, a four digit sequential number, a dash, and a two digit year indicator. All of these are needed to find your plan, including the dashes. For example, if your plans check number is C-0555-97, you MUST enter C-0555-97.

Click here for an explanation of the codes and abbreviations used in the Plans Check Status information.

For more information on Plans Check, contact the Building & Safety Department at 702-229-6251.

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