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Plans Check Status

Plans Check Status Helpful Hints

For more information on Plans Check, contact the Building & Safety Department at 702-229-6251.

Make sure you have entered the plans check number exactly as it appears. The number consists of a letter, a dash, a four digit sequential number, a dash, and a two digit year indicator. All of these are needed to find your plan, including the dashes. For example, if your plans check number is C-0555-97, you MUST enter C-0555-97.

After you enter the plans check number, you will find the following information:

Name of Business:
Effective Date:
This relates to the project as a whole and may indicate whether the plans are rolled or folded, and the location of the plans.

Area: (Area of Review) Depending on the type of comment a project may be reviewed by nine areas:

ARCH- Architectural
ECON- Economic/Business
ELEC- Electrical
FIRE- Fire
LAND- Off-Site improvements
PLAN- Planning
PLUM- Plumbing
STRU- Structural
TECH- Technician

Exam: (Examiner) This is the name of the person who has or is conducting the review.

Appointment Date & Time:
This is the date and time of the express plans check if one has been requested and scheduled.

First Review: Date of first review
Date Appr: Date approved
Status: Tells you the status of the plan.
Approved; Problem, see short and long comments; black space - In process

Comment: A specific examiner’s short comment, followed by another information box with the examiner’s more detailed comments.

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